There’s strong public feeling against sexist ads

By Roz Hardie, Object CEO

Public relations professionals and newspaper editors take note.  Many members of the public are unhappy about the way sexism is used to sell products.  This is reflected in last year’s complaints data from the UK.


ASA table showing 2014’s most complained about ads.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority recently published the list of the most complained about ads for 2014.

Top and third position were held by adverts that sexually objectify women or joked about men’s violence against women.  Both involved the Sun. Continue reading

Applying the ‘CHIPS Test’ in Europe

By Roz Hardie, Object Chief Executive Officer

Using the CHIPS Test, devised by Caroline Heldman in the USA, is one way of looking at media sexism.  Here’s how it could be applied to sexist ads, targeted at a European market.

The following ads all come from the UK and have come to the attention of WECAMS partner, Object.

1) Commodity: Does the image show a sexualised person as a commodity, for example, as something that can be bought and sold?

‘Become an escort’ An advert from the current issue of Zoo magazine, a lads’ mag which you can buy in many mainstream retailers e.g. Sainsbury’s.

zoo escort

Advert for Platinum select escort agency in Zoo magazine

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