From car as sexually harassed ‘lady’ to car as semi-clad woman

By Roz Hardie, object ceo



This photo was taken by Jill Posener in London, on Farringdon Road in 1979. Object is grateful to Jill for permission to use her work.

In the late 1970s a cheeky bit of Feminist Graffiti was photographed by Jill Posener on Farringdon Road in London. The Fiat ad said “If it were a lady it would get its bottom pinched.”  The spraypainted response “If this lady was a car she’d run you down.”

The photo became an iconic image of women publicly hollering back at daft sexist adverts.


In late 2014 a new mini promotion was launched.


Topless or Bootylicious?

Topless or bootylicious asked the slogan? Most people who contacted Object suggested it was just ridiculous and slightly sad rather than something that merited a formal complaint.  So we created a competition to ‘reslogan’ the adverts.

10420400_988540204506769_3187609144911483007_n 10644826_946193935408063_3174642474017445132_n 10888649_988540197840103_3009927114235899763_n 10898065_988540157840107_8646327143685235779_n 10898237_988540151173441_1076717507632235893_n 10898304_988540161173440_4018889899484985600_n

The consensus via twitter was that ‘Mindless or gratuitous? Sexism in 2014’ was the best reslogan.

Jill is on twitter @JillPosener

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