Daily Star’s ‘Page 3’ adverts banned for being sexist and offensive


Object protestors presenting Valentine’s card collage of media sexism from Daily Star to owner ‘Richard Desmond’

The Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) has upheld Object’s complaint about the Daily Star ads ‘Win a date with Daily Star Page 3 babe!’

 The ASA finds that the ads “inherently involved the objectification of [women’s] bodies”. The ASA also finds that the women were presented as “interchangeable ”  rather than specific individuals by the Daily Star, and concluded that the  “notion of offering women as a prize to be sexist, offensive and socially irresponsible”.

OBJECT has campaigned against media sexism across all platforms, including the print media, highlighting the extent to which women are objectified and reduced to their body parts in newspapers such as the Daily Star. This is coupled with the trivialisation of violence against women, where often such reports are juxtaposed with topless images and porn ads.

Beti Baraki, Campaigns and Outreach Officer said:

 “We welcome the ASA’s ruling on the Daily Star ads. We find that the ritual and persistent sexual objectification of women and girls is still a common theme in the UK press and that this is a form of discrimination against women as it normalises sexist and harmful attitudes towards us. The press has a responsibility towards its readers and the wider public and constantly peddling sexist and discriminatory imagery runs contrary to public interest and we welcome the fact that the ASA recognises this practice as being nothing more than sexist and socially irresponsible.”

daily star today


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